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Benchmark research. Vendor reviews. Podcasts. Videos. Resources in the CXR Library are more than just a collection of files. They rise out of a community of leaders in talent acquisition & talent management. These resources aren’t just a list of links – they are the result of what happens when a community comes together to raise the bar of the talent profession. 

  • Member-generated and member-inspired 
  • Timely & topical
  • Available in different formats so you can learn in the ways that best fit you
  • Recorded development opportunities so you can more easiliy share with your team

CXR is a true community that leverages its depth of resources to promote authentic conversations and knowledge sharing.  

Timely benchmark reports generated by members for members. Focused on a range of topics that address today’s challenges.


  • Practical benchmarks
  • Infographics
  • Pulse polls

A robust database of talent technology and services. Each rated by the people who are using them in the CXR Community. 


  • Easy to use 5-star rating system
  • Full profiles highlighting vendor resources
  • Tied to CXR Tech Showcase recordings for a more in-depth look 

All CXR Community meetings and webinars are recorded so you can easily share the learnings from a discussion or recreate an exercise with your team.


  • Meetings
  • Tech Showcases
  • Webinars
  • Meeting reports with full decks, benchmark polls & discussion highlights

From 15 minute conversations with talent industry experts to hour long conversations over a bottle of wine, the CXR Podcast channel has something for everyone. 


  • Have you met…
  • Open Mics
  • Uncorked
  • Available wherever you listen to podcasts & on the CXR site

Insights from the CXR Community on research and trends of the day. Our articles give you food for thought and point you in the direction of things you should know in the world of talent. 


  • CXR Recommends
  • Community News
  • Industry insights

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